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The onset of death is accompanied, as a rule, by third-party factors in the form of pneumonia or pressure ulcers, but not through the direct fault of Alzheimer's disease. Below we will consider a little more substantively relevant manifestations of the disease. Alzheimer's disease: mild stage symptoms.

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The changes that occur in behavior and hygiene become more remarkable. The same applies to the characteristics of zithromax. The patient confuses personalities (that is, he may perceive his wife as a stranger, his son as a brother, etc.). Security issues are becoming increasingly important. As noted earlier, the patient can wander, wander anywhere, easily get poisoned, fall, etc. There are problems with recognizing people and things. Items belonging to others may be used. A person constantly repeats the same stories, movements, words, etc.

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The patient loses the ability to properly organize his own thoughts, he fails to follow the logical chain of Azithromycin pills explanations. The patient can constantly read, but at the same time not be able to formulate the correct answer to the questions posed in writing. Possible inappropriate behavior (threats, curses, excessive excitement, etc.). Accusations of family members of stealing things are possible, often patients become sloppy. There may be situations with loss of orientation in time. So, the patient can wake up at night and start getting work. There may be conditions in which the patient thinks that the mirror image is haunting him or that the plot of the movie is repeated in life. Need help with going to the toilet and shower. The patient wears clothing inappropriate for the weather. There may also be a discrepancy in sexual behavior in which the other person is perceived as a spouse. Alzheimer's disease: symptoms of a severe stage.

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Establishing a diagnosis requires, first of all, the exclusion of other diseases accompanied by similar symptoms. Such diseases include Parkinson's disease, thyroid disease, brain tumor, atherosclerosis, stroke, etc. In particular, zithromax pills methods are used to determine specifically Alzheimer's disease:

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